Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Pageant - 3

Panties handed out the programs (see Livejournal entry) which Miss B explained would only be only loosely followed according to her whim. Her plan was for the girls to have a nice dinner, eating and drinking, with Panties serving and entertaining upon command. The girls lounged on floor cushions around the low glass table as Panties scurried to keep their drinks freshened. Miss Di arrived shortly and Panties greeted her at the door with a revealing curtsy. She entered and quickly made her self at home. Only Miss D had not a lot of time together with this group, but she quickly became part of their circle. As girls do, they politely chatted each other up with the usual compliments which were not hard to offer at a gathering of smart, pretty, young American girls. Before dinner Miss B remarked that they would like to hear a song or some poetry. Obediently, Panties picked up a page of poems. Miss B switched on the camera and video recorder and leaned back on the couch. Panties in particular felt the intensity of Miss D’s attention who liked all the girls, had a tight, closed-lipped smile which she could barely fully rein in as Panties recited the poem:


I like to wear my silky panties
every day and night
I sometimes wear a bra and panties
With heels, garters, wig and hose.

Panties are my passion!
Bikini, brief or string
Maidenform or Olga,
Panty House or Platex,
Oh! My favorite-- Vanity Fair,

Women call me Panty Freak
Panties, for a panty lover
I wear a used pair on my face
Crotch against my nose and mouth,
I sniff and lick and suck and sniff.

My panties are the heart of me
I'm always wearing panties,
Beneath my slacks or skirt and slip--
Lacey, smooth and pink and tight.

I buy and wear my panties
I hang them on the walls
On my hips, in my drawers
on my face and in my mouth,
Panties panties panties!

I am wearing women's clothes
Female underwear for me.
I touch my full, wet, pink bikini
I cry in transvestite ecstasy

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