Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last Night

January 1, 2008
Miss B celebrated the New Year in the arms of one, as she once said to Panties, "not the least bit like you." She meant he’s tall and has muscles and is soo masculine. She described being hugged, and if Panties were allowed to look up at her face, her eyes would probably have been closed, dreamily. She didn’t waste a minute of the last year or this year to call Panties, but Panties can assume she was enjoying her holiday, knowing that Panties was alone, and dressed, awaiting the month and year to end. At midnight, Panties put on a fresh, belted sanitary napkin (with a cold red smear) and a clean pair of Panties, and kissed Hip-2-B-Square Barbie and My Size Barbie. We didn’t have champagne, but it was a nice way to begin 2008.

The next morning, Panties removed her pink Vanity Fair nightie and panties and after shaving her legs and underarms, showered and dressed in a bra and panties, garterbelt, nylons and the pink, strappy heels she had bought for her Christmas pageant. She also wore earrings and a ring and lipstick, lipgloss and perfume.

She spent the day fixing her posts, sissy-sorting, and spending private time with Barbie. She did little of the "normal" priorities related to her rapidly-fading ambitions and mindset from her earlier, deluded life. Panties badly hoped Miss B might text or call or e-mail, but was quite happy and accepting that Miss B, a girl's girl, after all, be taking advantage of every minute pleasurably, in a time and place unperfumed by sissy colors. By 11 Panties finished her female chores and readied herself for her Barbie sheets. Panties thought how what you do the first day of the year is so important for determining the rest of the year. And this year, likewise, would set the course for every happy, honest, fulfilling year to come as Transvestite Panties.

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