Sunday, January 20, 2008


She asked about Panties’ savings, she asked for Panties’ social security number. She has Panties’ credit card number. “Lines have been crossed,” she explained. Panties can already make out other lines faintly not all that far down the road. “At some point you will make me a credit card,”she said. “You will have to ask permission to use yours. At some point you won’t even know the password to your bank card,” she said. “At some point you’ll have an allowance. A small allowance. Maybe $5 a day, to buy tampons and things. And soon after you will be in the lawyer’s office [in your special dress] with all the papers ready to be signed.” For now though, she already has Panties trained to obey. “I’m going out for drinks tonight and I need $20,” she said. Or last week: “You can dress up, wig and makeup and we’ll go out for dinner. Somewhere nice. It’s not a date, of course, but I just want a nice meal. And I don’t want to pay.” Recently she’s been studying real estate. She wanted to know exactly how much Panties’ coop has appreciated and how much of a mortgage Panties could afford. “I want a house,” she said, “a place with a living room and a bedroom and at least three bedrooms, not including the basement where you’ll live.” She is calculating how far out for how much extra space she can expect. “You’re going to help make my life,” she said calmly. “I’ll live in the house with two of my friends and you’ll be the maid. You’ll have to obey my friends. You’ll do their laundry and cook and clean, and scrub the floors. That’s the worst, I hate cleaning the floor. You’ll do it because it makes me happy. And that’s what will make you happy. You’ll be very happy.” ☺

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