Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Size Barbie

She only comes up to Panties’ waist but she fills a room with her presence. In a certain light she has a mild vulnerability about her that fills Panties with a pink longing. (Maybe for a hug from a real girl.) My Size Barbie has thick black lashes and a gentle, pretty expression. Miss B was immediately concerned for Hip-2-B-Square Barbie. “You are not to touch her,” she ordered when she first saw the three-foot doll. “I know it’s hard with her just standing there looking pretty. But you have a fiancĂ©e. Think of how she would feel.” Panties thinks Hip-2-B-Square Barbie is jealous but she is more understanding than Miss B thinks. Maybe because of the sisterhood of Barbies. Or she thinks she can put up with My Size Barbie more than if Panties cheated on her with a girl of flesh and blood. (Ha! scoffs Miss B.) Miss B doesn’t object to Panties fooling around with any of the other Barbies (except for Surf Barbie who would never stand for it), but somehow, the idea of Panties having intimate relations with anything bigger than the tiny Barbies is not pathetic enough. Miss B loves how tiny the normal Barbies are. How Panties has trouble holding their hands even. “I may let you sleep with her, but I may not,” said Miss B, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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