Friday, January 25, 2008

Protect UR Panties

Panties isn’t allowed the convenience of pads. Rather Panties has to use the old fashioned, sanitary napkins that hook to an elastic sanitary belt. They still sell the napkins at CVS but Panties can’t find the belts anywhere. Maybe you can get them down south or somewhere in the midwest, places like Missouri or Iowa. In case you aren’t familiar with the routine, Panties menstruates from the 1st to the 14th of each month. (No sex during menstruation!) The first five days Panties has to wear tampons and tend to her flow (which is red and sticky and cold and is kept in the refrigerator.) After that Panties can wear just her sanitary napkin for the remainder of her period which Miss B lengthened to 30 days just before the Christmas Pageant. This was part of a punishment for an unauthorized act of disobedience by Panties. Panties knew Surf Barbie would tell, but did not anticipate the severity of the punishment. So this month Panties has another six days menstruating. Then it stops on the 31st :) before starting again on the first. Then Panties can beg Miss B for forgiveness, but in any case February only has 28 days, so as it stands, Panties can look forward to March 31st barring any accidents before then.

Protect Your Panties

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