Friday, January 18, 2008


Last night the skies grieved. If it had been just a little colder, there would have been snow falling instead of the chilled rain. Panties recalled Miss B’s words: “There was a girl once who was happy to see you....” There was. Panties met her in the early evening fully disguised in her ridiculous clothes and her dishonest false former self. She held Panties’ arm as they walked along under the umbrella. They fell into that easy rapport born of their many hours together. Later they were looking for a place to eat. They chose a place where there were no customers. Everything was very good though. Usually you avoid places where there are no customers, because you assume they are empty for a reason. But in fact if you think about it, you will get a better meal if the chef isn’t rushed, especially if he or she has any pride. The staff probably is self-conscious about the empty room and will try harder than usual. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves and the food was great. Dessert, some kind of apple crumb pastry, was fresh from the oven. We took pictures with the globe lights reflected in the big windows. It didn’t feel like an impersonation or the return to a delusion. Although Panties would go to bed in a bra and panties and nightgown, the legitimacy of the evening was something Miss B would, Panties believes, acknowledge, even were she not by nature generous in that way.

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