Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wardrobe -2

Panties New Wardrobe - 2
“You’re going to give away most of your ‘ridiculous’ clothing,” she said. “You’ll number all your outfits and I’ll dress you like a doll.” Girls who have played with dolls know how difficult it is to dress a Barbie. Panties appreciates how much work it is just to change Barbie into sleepwear. (She sleeps in her Hip-2-B square dress, mostly because Panties has been lazy about it, but Barbie has never complained yet.) Even with the velcro strips, it takes a lot of time to change outfits. In particular it is hard slipping hose, or panties up Barbie’s long legs. Miss B’s system for dressing Panties will be a matter of her choosing a number. Number 19 might be a peasant skirt and blouse set with pantihose. Number 3 might be a 1 piece swim suit. There is already a system corresponding to need. For example, 5 would be a girl’s shirt and slacks tailored like a m*n’s. Apart from the shirt buttoning left under right, the outfit would not attract attention. It would be suitable for running errands when service to Miss B is the priority. A 4 might have certain detailing, color, length, cut, that would signify “sissy.” The V-Yoke Jeans from National probably would figure here. Dressed thusly, Panties could still go about the city serving Miss B and her friends, unencumbered by disfunctional footwear and without too much bother about passing. Each descending number would be increasingly sissy. Around 3, Panties would probably be carrying a purse. 1 would probably be tight floral pants or hot pants, if not a culotte. 0 means full women’s attire, complete with wig and makeup. This isn’t really the point of the scale which actually is meaningful only from 1-5. With Panties first big wardrobe already in transit, Miss B’s long term vision begins to come clear as Panties closets pinken and soften, with pastels and light blues replacing the darker colors and masculine lines.

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