Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pink Leotard

This happened over a year ago: Miss J and Miss Jill took her to Crunch where she nervously put up her hair, surrounded by a large crowd of young women in casual sweats, t-shirts with bare feet. Not a single leotard or legwarmer. Miss J and Miss Jill herded her where the other girls could get a good look. And they did when she stripped out of her pink trainer revealing her pink leotard and fishnet stockings. The workout started. Several girls laughed openly. Miss Jill kept calling out, encouragingly. The disruption was not lost on the instructor who was rather perplexed. Imagine the room full of sweating girls, music, mirrors. It went on and on. The lunges, squats, and dance moves. It went just as predicted on the training site. The site mistress says she never heard of anyone actually carrying out the ingenius assignment. But you can go to two Crunch gyms where there are a number of regulars who would remember.


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