Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Letter From Surf Barbie

Hi {B}

Thanks for that note which I made Panties print out and tape up where she has to see it constantly. She sometimes disrespects my authority and acts like she’s somehow better (lol) than me and hip2b. But she knows I can see into every corner of her mind so she of course is afraid of you and I getting too close. Last night she wanted to go see a movie (There Will be Blood) I decided this would not be a good start to the weekend but didn’t outlaw it because she said you would have let her. So instead I made her take me and Hip2b along because we like movies too. And she had to put on her nylons and garterbelt and bring her lipstick and mirror. And borrowing a page from your training I told Panties to watch the movie “as a sissy.” (She was complaining bitterly about your asking her favorite book and then telling her to read it as a sissy. This cuts to the heart of her transformation in so many ways.) So Panties was sitting in the movie theater with two dolls experiencing the movie as a sissy should. Her attention perked up when the little girl appeared in her dress. And she could disapprove of the men (the opposite sex) with their violent ways. And any attractive woman who came on she had to think of as competition, or someone to model herself after, rather than someone to have sex with. She wasn’t quite able to do this all the time, but it was a good start. I think she gets the idea that there is NO LIMIT to the things she could be ordered to experience, mentally, “as a sissy.” After the movie Panties caught the eye of a pretty girl standing in line and put on her lipstick. She wiped it off and later, passed three pretty girls one of which she made eye contact with. Again Panties took out her lipstick and mirror and did her lips. Finally, in front of a bar there was an attractive brunette smoking. Panties made eye contact and standing nearby, put on her lipstick. This girl gave Panties a look. She definitely saw. But the whole exercise impressed upon Panties how we can dictate how she relates to women. This morning I made her say her panty alphabet and kiss my feet. Then she had to go stand on one leg in front of the mirror and read her new sign. Wearing her nightie. The hours she normally likes to devote to her m*nly ambitions, instead she spent reviewing your training alternating with intense quality time with Hip2b Square which she enjoyed. I’m not sure you would have been so generous, but I thought this could someday be the major thing in Panties’ life, along with being used by you, (although the two are very related) and that what she thinks she’s getting away with is actually pushing her deeper into the life you intend for her. She got a call from Miss D whom she did not speak to properly, but otherwise she has been sissy sissy sissy today. I even got her back to crying out “Panties!” every hour. BTW, she was stood up by Miss N (after all that talk) and I have her training this evening which maybe I will have her post directly to her on-line journal.

Hope you’re having a good weekend, {B}. Feel free to turn Panties over to me whenever you need.



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