Monday, January 7, 2008

Miss B Reads the Tea Leaves

“You’ll have a very satisfying sex life. Diaper squirts, as many as you like. Almost like a real man. But so different. [sound of her reaching into the bag of Wheat Thins, then chewing] Soo different. Then there’s Barbie. That’ll be where you get your love. And as for touching human flesh, we’ll find you another transvestite. You’ll have to wear a strap on, just like any girl. And you’ll get to do another transvestite. And then you’ll perform your transvestite’s kiss. You’ll get to know it, talk to it. You like the way it smells, don’t you? I want you to look forward to it. I want your mouth to be watering. Maybe you can read it a poem. Or make your animal sounds. Won’t that be entertaining. Maybe you’ll have to take his medicine. [her gay laughter] And I’ll watch. Won’t that be humiliating. He’ll get to squirt but you won’t.”

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