Saturday, April 19, 2008

She's Not the Girl at the Video Rental

After a few drinks you don’t notice all that’s going on until years later. Off to the left in the foreground is Sean, passed out, who both girls (one of whom is straight as Lombard Street) were acting giddy-silly around. (What they will do around a real man!) If you recognize this bar you might find us here tonight (Saturday). Walk up the long hill sometime after nine p.m. There’s a lot of nice spots within 4-5 blocks on the avenue. We’d probably get here late, hopefully after most of the straight crowd has gone. The bartenders are not likely to be these two girls. Too bad because their attractiveness has more to do with their intentions and their interaction as their looks. But they might be around. Maybe we will talk to you. One of us at least will be in a skirt.

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