Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sissy Maid


This dress was purchased at a uniform store where blue collar servants shop for value. Made of wrinkle-free polyester it features a no-nonsense apron with the white collar and cuffs. She said she preferred it to the lacy crinoline fantasy wear made more for play than heavy labor. She thought twice about painting the floorboards, worrying about how durable it would be. But she decided to go ahead, adding, "After all, you'll be taking care of it." She liked to have her maid working on her hands and knees which is past the point you could push most servants. When this picture was taken, there was another girl in the other room who was dying to know what was going on. Nothing but a young lady instructing her maid... reminiscent of a transvestite fiction titled “Maid Secured,” whose cover illustration has a determined-looking woman thrusting a maid’s uniform at the viewer. In the background is a set of male clothes folded on the back of a chair. Another fiction, the “Sissy Maid Academy” gives a pretty good idea of what goes on behind closed doors all over the world. The cover of Volume 2 shows a short-haired maid, holding a roast turkey she is about to serve. She is dressed in a maid’s uniform and is smiling. But if you look closely, there is a tiny bit of anguish in her eyes which perfectly captures the dilemma of the sissy maid, doomed to serve and curtsy and to be used, with no expectations of love, appreciation, or financial reward.
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