Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Maid's Highlights


These words were spoken to Panties by various women over the years while she was wearing her maid’s uniform:

“I’ll ignore you. You’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at all times. You’ll go about your work like a shadow.”
"You'll get up in the morning and your first thought will be of me. You'll dress yourself in your lingerie and your maid's dress. You'll tie your apron neatly at the back. Then you'll kneel outside my door and wait."
"Your work will be endless..."
“Take it in your mouth...”
"Maybe I'll make you wear your panties, stockings, garterbelt, and a bra when you meet her."
"Bend over..."
“You’ll show up at her house, dressed like a woman, she’ll know all about you, but you won’t know anything about you. And while you’re working, you’ll be thinking how you are obeying me. And I’ll call while you’re there, just to make sure you’re doing a good job.”
"You will work, Fraulein!"
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