Friday, August 14, 2009

Girdle Training

“Now you get to touch yourself like a girl,” said Miss B, with a gay lilt to her words. Miss B liked how the crotch panel in the long legged girdles were sewed up with pink thread. The one-piece, full bodied girdle meant much work just to go to the bathroom. Although she can be merciful and even amused about unauthorized squirts, Miss B can be scary. Her wrath after Panties’ willful squirt in 2007 was unexpected and long lasting. This week something happened which Miss D hasn’t heard about, which Panties intends to confess, which will appear in the shadow blog. Miss D seems to disapprove of unnaturally lengthy measures and may lean toward a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” policy, although Surf Barbie is adamant about maintaining Miss B’s rules. It’s true Panties wouldn’t have dared with Miss B, but what happened is a complicated confluence of factors.

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Katie Cahill said...

I wear a girdle , open bottom Playtex 18-hour , all the time. But then I trained in them since very young, 13 years of age. And I just kept it up as others left them off through the years, I was so used to it and even gotten to like it. And though a normal natural figure ( size 14 - 12 in girdle) I have always worn one from up in the morning to bed at night.
The girdle holds me up, its front panel flattens my belly, and hips and thighs smoothed out, I like and enjoy the uplift it gives to my backside too. Waist - 2 inches off .
You'll get used to it and even enjoy its suppi
ort afer a while and love what it does for you too.
Little tips are to leave it down over your backside so it will give you a lovely hug behind, pull it right up over your belly, sort of 'arch' into it , then do up your back suspenders ( garters) first.
yes, even when used to girdles like I am you'll still feel them from time to time , but only the firmness around you when you think of it , a well - fitted girdle becomes quite easy to wear all the time, and of course I absolutely love the nylons that go with them .
So, yes, girdles are fab when you're used to them , after a few months daily wear every day - depends on the person really. That's what I find. In no time at all it's true, you will forget you have it on- but know when it's off!
Go for the 18-hour Playtex, it's still available, it's the best girdle ever made, comfy , hard-wearing , pretty.