Sunday, August 16, 2009



Panties decided against the orange-white-pink-red striped socks although they would be easier to deal with for a pedicure. The socks are significant, because they are something Miss D emphasized as part of Panties’ functional, sensibly sissy “errand girl” attire. (Her idea was a whole drawerful of girls socks, pantihose and knee highs which would help remind Panties who she was even when she was dressed least appropriately.) It was hot out and Panties wore a garter belt and stockings along with her “favorite” bra and panties. Over these, Panties wore a white top, red and black and white skirt. She put foundation and just a little color on her lips and eyes, screwed on earrings and hurried out into the bright late afternoon. The nail salon was pretty empty, just three stations staffed even in the middle of the week. Panties removed her stockings in the bathroom and was led to one of the elevated chairs. A second girl would do her nails while the first worked on her feet. While her toes were being prepped (cuticles, file, moisturize, massage, jaccuzi!), she got a call from Megan, who said she had gone to the wrong nail salon and was on her way. Ten minutes later, Megan arrived and sat down on the neighboring high chair. She had recently gotten her nails done so she just kept Panties company, accompanying her to the drying station by the window. After twenty minutes, they went to the diner nearby where she had scrambled eggs and toast, and Panties had a Greek salad. Megan was fascinated by a copy of the Sissy Maid Academy, which Panties had loaned her. Panties filled her in on Miss D and the possibility that she might be looking for a co-trainer or assistant. It was still sunny out when they stepped out on the street and posed together for a photograph: One in a skirt, the other in jeans, both with pretty red nails.
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