Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Letter From Miss B

Hello Surf Barbie,

Tell panties again, that I am disappointed in her. She knows better then to touch you. she will have alot of intense training when she gets back and she will learn to be a perfect sissy and obey you completly or she'll never have a squirt again. tell her that I also want her to set up my internet when she gets back so I can talk to you more often, I have only about 6 weeks left of working as much as I am. so in May she start getting trained alot more wheather she's around or not. [Her stepped up transformation will happen] so fast her head will spin. She'll have [a giant backlog of sissy rules by] end of the summer and be happy about it. The world as she knew it is over. We are going to have lots of fun at her expense.

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