Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Panties was making Miss B some cheese and crackers when the phone rang. Miss B picked it up and that is how she first got to know personally, Miss S. Panties had told Miss B about her, how they had met a year earlier and had been recently in touch. She was an excellent, observant writer and just the person to talk to over the phone when most of the world has turned in. Once Panties was on the phone with her while she waited in the park across the way for her friend to bring a spare key so she could get into her apartment she had locked herself out of. The friend, roused from sleep arrived on bike, almost immediately. Miss B generally was interested in girls Panties liked and friendly toward them in the way kids initially are friendly to everybody they meet. She wasn’t much concerned about anything like Panties regression into m*nhood, but was curious to meet this supersmart art student she had heard about. They chatted and when she got off the phone, Miss B said “I’m going to meet this little friend of yours. Maybe you be sitting at a separate table. Or maybe I’ll make you sit with us.” The next day however, Miss B was called to work early so it didn’t happen. But they have each others numbers and if Miss S moves to the city they could become friends.

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