Saturday, March 15, 2008


Panties kneels in her “favorite position,” meaning, bent over the bed. Miss B always makes a point of instructing Panties to raise her dress, nightie, or skirt. Miss B longs for proper toys, but since Miss Jessica walked off with the crop she has to make do with her belt. Panties understands the sound of her belt being pulled from the loops on her jeans. Sometimes she will use a thin, pink belt Panties wears to define her waist. The spanking is almost always through panties or the pink bikini bottom. Miss B usually comments when Panties has on pretty panties or when her sanitary belt or pad catches her eye. Miss B has remarked how she likes the small whimpers and shrieks that accompany her hardest strikes. She hates the ideas they might be faked to please her though. Panties assures her that when she has room to wind up it is hard to keep silent. If you were to listen to a tape of Miss B during a spanking you would be surprised at her even composure. It is if she were carrying on a conversation over tea. The harried cries and pleas between her comments seem to be edited in from some other exchange where the trainer wears spikes and leather with her pick of a rack of frightful instruments. Instead, it’s as if you were in the room with a young American girl from the midwest chatting to her doll who has misbehaved. Only rarely, when she strikes a tender spot might she involuntarily exclaim, a soft, girlish “Oh!” The spankings have hurt more recently. She likes to follow a session in the bathtub with a wet spanking. She will pour an extra glass of water so that Panties’ pink bikini bottom is dripping. Panties is unsure whether it stings more because of the soaked fabric or because Miss B is inspired by the pink bikini. She can get angry as when she declined to spank Panties last week. She said, “I’d be more than happy to torture you in your pink bikini, but I’m so upset with you that I don’t really trust myself to spank you. A spanking should be to put you in your place, or to entertain me, but it should never be for anger.” Instead she had Panties prepare her leftover chicken and a cold salad which she ate quietly after which she left.

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