Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Quarrel

Miss B has been stressed recently. She’s moving from her bleak basement lair far uptown to an apartment closer to Panties. For some reason she hasn’t asked Panties to assist so she is most likely transporting her things via public transportation. She drops in on Panties unannounced to be served a meal and sleep over when she has to wake early the next morning. She’s also become hooked on “Lost,” which she will watch serially if given the chance. She’s been pleased with Panties’ progress working toward the 31st of March at which time she might decide to forgive Panties for her willful act of disobedience. There was a setback though, last Tuesday. Panties had served her dinner and was allowed to sit with her to watch an episode of Lost. It ended just before 11 and Panties hinted that she needed a good night’s rest for the next day and that Miss B had agreed to watch just one episode. She ignored Panties and after lying silently in bed for twenty minutes, Panties took her pillows and bed covers and left the room in a dudgeon. There was barely twenty five minutes to go in the hour-long program and Panties reflected on how a proper, serious sissy would have been happy to suffer the minor inconvenience so that her trainer might have enjoy some time away from her day’s cares. Panties was awake when she heard the show end. After a few minutes Panties got up to find Miss B gone, along with the rest of the DVDs. The next day Panties received the following text:

I don’t want to see you for a while. Sunday you should come over and clean. And write list me all the things you’ll miss about me.

She ignored Panties’ calls and messages attempting to apologize. Then this text:

Iyou give yourself an enema tomorrow.

Then Saturday evening:
I want you here tomorrow at 12 to clean. Call tomorrow for directions.

The girl at the pharmacy noted Panties’ purchase of a 4-pack of Massengill Extra Cleansing Vinegar & Water Disposable Douche. Panties took from her closet her maid’s uniform and apron. By the end of the day her nylons might be worn at the knees and her dress covered with cats hair.

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