Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 Dresses


Panties received an e-mail from Miss D dispatching her to her favorite boutique: “You are to choose beautiful dresses, tops, and skirts for both of us to wear to the shows– and for you to wear for your secretarial and errand girl activities.” Of course some of the most important numbers in Panties’ head have to do with Miss D's clothing sizes. She has already bought panties and bras and by now knows her every skirt, dress, top and skirt sizes. Panties spent an afternoon shopping for two dresses for Miss D. They are to hang in Panties closet to remind Panties whose place it is. Panties also shopped for a red dress for herself, to match the pink purse Miss D bought a purple dress for herself. The pretty salesgirl’s big eyes became even wider. Later Panties received this from Miss D: “I'm soooo thrilled you tried on the dresses, and bought yourself a dress.”
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