Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Celebration


Miss D has led Panties to the next level of secretarial training. Facing some worrisome billings and communications almost as alarming as an IRS edict, she simply passed it on to Panties, who immediately, took care of the problem without resentment, or at the very worst, just the smallest “regret” at having to spend so much of her time on these matters. (Panties immediately felt guilt over these thoughts, but was struck at how dwindling they were.) She wrote a check as well as a letter to the officials apologizing on behalf of Miss D, explaining that the problem was entirely due to secretarial incompetence and not any fault of Miss D. (This later amused Miss D audibly.) On the last day of her period, Panties received from Miss D an email regarding another task: “You have 2 weeks for this deadline. You have one more day of your menstrual cycle. Wash well.” It is Miss D’s casual, intelligent, lightly sardonic flourishes which deepen Panties devotion to her trainer. While shaving her legs and underarms in the shower, Panties felt obligated to lather and rinse the way a woman might after the end of a particularly messy menstruation. Although she can be as dangerous as Miss B, Miss D has her own elegant style, and a lighter touch. She was on the phone with Panties two days ago about some recent small non-sissy accomplishment. The non-sissy accomplishment, while not in direct opposition to proper training purposes, nevertheless allows a blush of m*nly pride which Miss B might have “celebrated,” by having Panties drink a liter of water while wearing incontinence panties. Miss D cheerfully directed Panties to toast herself with a glass of wine or grape juice. Then she added: “You are not to use a wine glass... That’s something I would use (to celebrate). (You are to) ..use a coffee cup and sit on the floor.”
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