Saturday, September 19, 2009



Early in the training Miss D ordered Panties to handle a significant mailing of seven boxes, several heavier than what most girls could carry alone. If you’ve noticed how pretty girls can sometimes be deficient in conscience and ideals, Miss D is the lovely exception. She is one of the gentlest, kindest girls, which makes Panties even more grateful, that it is her, rather than any of a number of comparatively oblivious, unpleasant women holding the leash. As Miss D said, “if you’re going to be used, it might as well be by me.” It’s true, she is extremely honest and someone you trust. Which doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a dangerous, capricious and brilliant streak somewhere inside. So when Panties complained about the time and expense of the mailing, Miss D was sincerely polite and apologetic. Then Panties received a string of text messages instructing her to consider how she should be grateful for the assignment and that she should apologize not only to Miss D, but to her boxes. “Get dressed and get on your knees, and tell the boxes how much you love them,” she wrote. Then in an email: “I will be very happy if there are lipstick kisses all over my boxes. And if you take great care in wrapping the xxx with pretty paper. You might want to write my xxx a poem about how glad she is so heavy and how jealous you are over her for being a precious object of mine that will advance my career. You will meet me "dressed". And you will go to the post-office "dressed" and learn to be very happy and grateful for this. You are my secretary.” Panties dressed in her secretary’s outfit, put on lipstick and knelt down by Miss B’s boxes and kissed them lovingly, whispering how she loved them just because they belonged to Miss B. Panties was surprised how her resentment had vanished, replaced with a deep respect and love for her trainer. When she received the photograph, evidence of Panties’ having obeyed her, she said she smiled and smiled with “immense satisfaction.”
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