Friday, September 4, 2009

Diaper Training

Something Miss D said to Panties a few days ago.

"Panties, I changed a baby boy's diaper today and thought of you. He had a thumb sized appendage just under his navel; and just under that appendage was something that looked
like a skin-colored prune or a hand full of almonds. I imagine that's what you look like under your panties. Won't it be nice when you turn into a real lady and you are allowed to sprout hair to cover your embarrassing wenis...which I pronounce the German way--Venis?"

When Panties menstruates it feels like wearing a diaper. Panties wishes Miss D would let her wear a tampon like she wears. But she doesn't think Panties is grown up enough for tampons yet. She thinks tampons will make Panties think of sex. She doesn't want Panties to experience any firmness on or in my body. Panties must repeat: Panties does not have a penis; Panties has a wenis. Panties is not an m.a.n.; Panties is a sissy. Panties does not have opinions; Panties is a sissy. Panties must do what Miss D says; Panties am a Sissy.

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