Friday, September 4, 2009

Moon Cycle

A note from Miss D on Sept 1, 2009

Panties, you must prepare for menstruation today; I changed my mind.
Instead of switching you to menstruate with the new moon; you are to
continue menstruating the 1st through the 7th of every month. However,
you will have breakthrough bleeding on the new moon day of the 18th this

Panties, tonight you are to take a shower--singing in a very high voice,
a song fit for a teenage girl. And after your shower you will
dress in panties and your menstruation equipment including jelly spread on a
feminine napkin and in your thighs. Then you are to put
on a towel as a turban on your head. You will dress in a girls nighty
or just sleep in your bra and panties or tank top and panties. You
may remove the turban after dressing. Then you are to climb in bed
and think of your barbies, your lipstick, and your devotion to me and the assistant
trainer I have chosen.

Miss D

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