Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Kiss


Today Panties’ training shifted to a new level. Panties has always dreamed of kissing Miss D whose shapely, soft lips with her straight white teeth and flash of tongue, shape the clear words she speaks. Panties barely dared allow herself to imagine the act of her lips anywhere close to Miss D’s, anywhere near her long neck, pretty ear or hair. Even as her hopes, very forbidden, dwindled, Panties was aware how Miss D could be capricious and very capable of the unexpected. Dressed in her maid’s outfit, Panties was surprised when she was told to take out a sexy black pair of Miss D’s panties and a bra, which she took into the bathroom. Panties was equally surprised when she came out wearing just the bra and panties, and without any self-consciousness, took one of the two new dresses off the hanger. Panties had been taught never to think of Miss D in the manner of an expectant lover, but even lowering her eyes modestly, Panties could not help but be overwhelmed by the electric attractiveness of this slender girl, parading in her bra and panties, slipping on and off her dresses. Panties, on her knees, dutifully tied on the dresses, brushing a bit of thigh or hip or back through the fabric, adjusting the drape and fit of both dresses, as the reality of her relation to Miss D settled in. Panties was not allowed to help Miss D in and out of her clothing except as a lowly maid. Miss D smiled at herself in the mirror, pleased with the dress which some lucky man would get to touch, stroke and help her out of so much more meaningfully. Meanwhile, Panties was allowed to curtsy after which she dropped to her knees and kissed, Miss D’s foot.
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