Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From Her Bedroom

I read the note from Linda.

Panties, she is correct in positing that you are out of line by asking or
even considering Miss C or me to be your girlfriend. However,
given that I do not want you to think of me sexually, as I in turn do
not think of you as anything other than a eunuch sissy servant, it would
not be proper for you to see either of us have sex--even if it would
put you in your place. I do not want you to do anything to any man I
am with; I do not want my men to be tainted by a sissy.
Is it possible that I am working on a punishment to take place
during our trip? What do you think that punishment will be?
Do you want to try to pass as a girl at a foot fetish party? Do you
want to tie yourself to a cage at the club R. in B.? Do
you want to meet with (important contact), while wearing falsies? Do
you want to wear a very lacy bra under a thin shirt and thong under
tight aerobic pants? Do you want to send me the cell phone numbers of
three pretty girls I've never met who you are interested in

Miss D
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