Friday, January 22, 2010


She was much prettier than her namesake, the Egyptian god of the dead. Panties and Miss D were enjoying her intelligent discourse and flirty charm. Panties was dressed “semi-sissy” in panties, girls socks, girls slacks and a black girl’s Hanes Her Way shirt, her head covered with a hat which you wouldn’t think female unless you really looked at the cut or the lining. Later Panties was surprised when Miss D said, “She really couldn’t tell you were dressed in women’s clothing... I think you should go up to her wearing lipstick and start talking to her in your high, sissy voice.” They had discussed earlier how Panties should more explicitly and more honestly relate to women face-to-face, but Panties wasn’t expecting it this direct or this soon. Panties tried to distract Miss D, counting on her not to follow through. As it turned out, Osiris wasn’t on duty the next time they stopped by. But her colleague was, who also wore pink and who was blonde, petite and even more beautiful than Osiris.
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