Saturday, January 9, 2010


Miss B was most pleased to dress Panties in things she’d never get caught dead wearing, like crepey housedresses and elastic waistband high waisted slacks. Miss D prefers Panties to dress professionally and fashionably, almost as her accessory and extension of her career. She and Miss C have patiently taught Panties about shoes and hair and outerwear and underwear. “Shoes and lingerie are the most important,” said Miss D. “Shoes because they support everything above and if your feet are comfortable your day goes much better. And if your panties and bra fit well your clothes will look and fit better.” She likes the red and black and white print skirt worn with a simple white top. Panties' underwear drawers are full of elastic straps and pastel nylon fabrics. Her closet bristles with skirts and colorful fabrics.
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