Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Linda writes:

You have not given your readers any updates on your pads, panties, and periods lately. Don't you think you should always describe whether or not you are having your period with any update. Would love to hear a description of changing your pad in a ladies room with Ms. D waiting for you to finish. I hope you wrap it carefully in toilet paper and deposit it in the proper container.

When you tried to tell her that you wanted to be her boyfriend, she should have punished you severely. No sissy should ever expect that of his dominant mistress. She was correct to tell you that the closest you could expect to come was to kiss her panties.

Maybe someday, she will deliver the ultimate punishment to you as she secures you to a chair and has sex with a real man in your presence. Maybe then you can clean up both of them and suck his cock to make it erect for the next session.!
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