Sunday, January 3, 2010

Date Panties

“I’m the nicest of your trainers,” said Miss D, I don’t want to punish you.“I give you rewards if you behave well. So it’s in your best interests if you do everything I say.” She is a very kind girl and no where near as lethal as Miss B say in regards to dating. And it was Surf Barbie who assigned the Date Panties which Panties so loathed wearing when she was out on a “date.” She hated how the panty was cut, almost like a thong, constantly riding her in back, and ridiculing her at the front. When she went to the bathroom, they taunted her with their polka dots and bulk which she could feel under any costume. Panties worried that anyone could feel or even hear them when she had them on. Worst of all, Panties realized that if she somehow ever managed to find a truly intimate moment with a girl, there was no way should could pretend these were anything other than panties. So when Miss Lee agreed to meet Panties for dinner, Panties slipped them on only after Surf Barbie reminded her harshly about how she really wanted to be honest with Miss D. Miss D never takes Panties’ dates very seriously, and Panties was relieved not to get a call from her during the course of the evening. There was a text, however, asking her to send her a photo of her date panties and lightly suggesting that Miss Lee might like to know about them. Next time, maybe.
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