Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tonight's Lesson

Panties was dressed semi-sissy, nothing to overtly connote female clothes, not even carrying her purse (which she is more and more frequently). The guy was a bit cautious at first, but he quickly dropped his guard and began to relate to Miss D the way any straight real m@n would. They talked at length ignoring Panties entirely. Miss D came alive, playful and a bit deferential, playing her part as a girl would with a real m@n. Panties could only seethe silently, trying to pretend she didn’t care, that she wasn’t wearing panties underneath. But she also felt Miss D’s training wash over her and she began to think about how pleased Miss D would be if Panties swallowed her jealousy watching a real m@n take liberties with the female, and instead rendered that jealousy as a girl, jealous of her pretty friend who gets all the male attention. She should be happy that Miss D was enjoying herself after many hours with a sissy. Just before he left, they posed for pictures. The m@n put his arm around Miss D’s waist. Panties felt a flash of intense resentment and then regret. She couldn’t help thinking how very m@n-woman was that pose, almost like holding hands, and how that must feel, and how Panties would never ever get to stroll with her hand-in-hand or stand watching the moon with her arm around Miss D’s slim waist.
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