Sunday, January 17, 2010

You're a sissy...

Miss D is training Panties not to think of her sexually. She will
take off her panties and bra in front of Panties and walk around as
if she were with Miss C or any of her girl friends. “You will see me
not as someone you could ever kiss or relate to intimately. Instead
you will be jealous of me that you can’t attract the same attention
from men or wear the kind of pretty clothes I can.” This would be
easier if she were overweight or less perfectly featured. But Panties
is learning to envy, rather than hope to ever touch, her lush hair,
fair skin, perfect lips and girly curves further down. She’ll never
hear her talk the way girls do to a guy they really are into, but
she’ll get to hear the perfect diction of her commands and comments:
“You’re a transvestite.” “You’re a sissy.” “I want you to get down on
your knees and file smooth the bottoms of my feet.”

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